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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Busy night dinner plans

I have had a very busy day, I am tired and I don't feel like making supper for my family of four. Suddenly I see a can of pineapple chunks looking at me from the pantry. Kabobs, that sounds good and easy. I open the pineapple, drain and save the juice. Next I cut up some chicken, onions and green peppers into nice sized pieces that are easy to put on scewers. I love kabobs so I always have wooden scewers which are so cheap at the dollar store. I start with green pepper, onion, chicken and pineapple and continue until I have nine filled, two each and one extra. The color is great. I take the reserved pineapple juice add some brown sugar soy sauce and a little hot pepper sauce just to give it a little snap. Put them on the grill, baste with sauce. I cook up some quick white rice and in a short time I have a nice dinner. My family loves it, I am a hero and live is good!

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