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Monday, October 12, 2009

Where Germs Live!!! Tuesday Tips

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Halloween is almost here and unfortunately flu season is already upon us. I found some tips and info that I thought was interesting to pass on to you:
"Worried about you or your kids picking up the H1N1 flu or other diseases at school, restrooms or the mall? There’s good reason: Viruses and bacteria run rampant on surfaces you touch every day. We blow the lid on the 8 germiest public places. Plus, get tips for outsmarting infection... " Unfortunately, going anywhere people congregate can boost your chances of getting sick, says Philip Tierno, Ph.D., author of The Secret Life of Germs (Atria) and director of clinical microbiology and immunology at New York University's Langone Medical Center. That’s because disease-carrying bacteria and viruses live practically everywhere — shopping malls, grocery stores, playgrounds, petting zoos, restaurants. They can survive up to two hours on shopping carts, escalator handrails, even doorknobs before they find their next victim. "
"We encounter about 60,000 types of germs every year, but if you’re healthy, there’s no need to fear going out in public,” Tierno says: Only 1-2% are potentially dangerous to people with normal immunity."
Plus, the body has an incredible ability to fight off germs. Special cells called neutrophils and lymphocytes (white blood cells) attack any microscopic invader.
1. Grocery store Germiest items: Shopping cart handles and seat buckets
Germ-free fix: Use disinfecting wipes on handlebars and seats - many stores now offer these at the entrance. And be sure to wash veggies and fruits before eating them.
1. Children’s playgrounds Germiest items: The swings, jungle gym and other equipment
Germ-free fix: Wash hands thoroughly or use hand sanitizer after returning from playground, using the bathroom and changing diapers. (Rub hands together for 20 seconds under clean running water, the CDC advises.)
3. Public restrooms Germiest item: Sink
Germ-free fix: Avoid touching moist surfaces and wash hands thoroughly after touching sink faucets and soap dispensers. And use a paper towel to turn the water off.
4. Offices Germiest items: Telephones and desks
Germ-free fix: Once a day, wipe down your desk, phone and keyboard with anti-bacterial wipes or cleaners.
5. Restaurants Germiest items: Table surface, high chairs
Germ-free fix: Carry sanitary wipes to swipe the tabletop and high chair when you’re seated.
6. Libraries Germiest items: Countertops and surfaces
Germ-free fix: Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after thumbing through books or touching countertops.
7. Cruise ships Germiest item: Handrails
Germ-free fix: Wash hands frequently throughout the day and before touching your mouth or face, especially when smoking and eating.
8. Malls Germiest item: Escalator handles
Germ-free fix: Don’t touch them. But if you do, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer afterward.
I took this from:
H1N1: Where Germs Hide
By Nicole McEwen, Lifescript Staff Writer
Published October 09, 2009

At the day care I worked at they would have the kids sing"Happy Birthday" song while washing there hands. They had to wash the whole time until the song was done.That was a good amount of time to get the germies off.
I hope you find this helpful. Stay healthy and enjoy the Fall. God bless you Anne


SquirrelQueen said...

Great advice, it's a germy jungle out there this time of the year.
Stay healthy,

Dory and the Mama said...

Thanks for the awesome advice Anne!!

AL said...

These advice must taken seriously. Washing hands frequently can help alleviate the viruses which can cause all these health problems. Thanks for sharing.

Anne, I thank you for visiting my blog very often and leaving nice comments, I truly appreciate, my friend.


Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for your valuable advice
Have a lovely day
hus hugs

Kris said...

Awesome tips Anne! Yes, there are some very germy surfaces out there but if we all practice good hygiene (handwashing, etc) we could help ourselves out a lot! I'm so glad you linked up!!

TwoSpecialWires said...

Hi! What an informative post about germie germs. We'd rather not think about them, but we know how important it is to be aware and safe.

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Happy week
Jake and Fergi

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Miss Fletcher said...

Yuck! But good advice, for sure!

Shelly said...

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