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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Farmers Market Challenge and Photo Challenge

Thanks to Judy at The Road to Here for another great Farmers' Market Challenge. Please go and visit for more wonderful people sharing local bounty. I copied the following from Judy because I love her wording.
"Welcome to the November Edition of the Farmers' Market Challenge. This is our Harvest Festival!The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness for purchasing locally produced foods. Be it fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, or any related items we want to know what's available where you live."

The weather in Michigan has been beautiful this past weekend. My family and I took a ride to a local orchard for some fresh apples, cider and of course warm homemade donuts.

We chose the apples already picked, but if you were interested you could pick your own. They had a nice variety. We took home some red delicious and macintosh.

I thought this was too much fun. I wasn't about to climb up there with my bad back, but there were lots of little ones getting pictures taken on it.

There was a nice little area with goats to feed and pet.

Thank so much to Judy for sponsoring these great Farmers' Market Challenges. What a great way to encourage us to enjoy local products.


AL said...

Hi Anne,

I bet those apples were crunchy. I love apples but unfortunately it doesn't grow here. I have a macintosh beside but I can't eat it, I can only stare at it...if you know what I mean! Hee hee.

BTW please tell Sasha the reason why I put all those stuffie up there, is that I am hiding them from Coffee and Oreo, I never thought that it wouldn't escape from Sasha's eyes. Smart dogs!


SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful photos Anne, this place looks like fun. I love the giant rocking chair, what a great treat for those kids. The apples look wonderful and I'll bet the cider was delicious, especially with a nice fresh doughnut. My favorite photo is the windmill.

Thanks for taking part in the challenge. This late in the season most farmers' markets are closed so I wasn't sure how many folks would have something to post.

Thanks again,

Lily Robinson said...

Hey! Finally another market with something in common... We too have goats to pet!

Honeygo Beasley said...

Beautiful photos - I love your blog header too, yum! My fav photo is the rocking chair!

Ebie said...

Hi Anne, I bet those apples are delicious! And all those corn, must be a bountiful harvest! And talking about corn, back in the Philippines, I remember my grandmother grinding her own harvest and cook the grits.
Now, when I miss it, I buy the instant grits.

I posted mine late and there's a little twist on our farmers market.

Enjoy your week!

Ebie's Farmers Market Challenge.

Lily Robinson said...

Duh... I thought I hadn't read your market post yet, then I thought, "This sure seems familiar..." It was just as good second time around! ;)