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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday Tips

I found this in a newsletter I get from the ASPCA. I thought it was important, because even if you don't have pets, the consequences can affect us all. Please follow the link to email your Senator, it is so easy to do and only takes a minute of your time. Thank you
Please visit Kris at Hands, House, and Heart Full for more important tips and
info. She has some
amazing ideas for fabric softener sheets.
"Dear Animal Advocates, Championed for over 10 years by the late Senator Edward Kennedy, the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act (PAMTA) is a federal bill that would phase out the common practice of constantly feeding antibiotics to food animals when they aren’t sick. Large-scale livestock and poultry producers have become overly reliant on antibiotics. By keeping animals on these drugs all the time, factory farms can become ever more overcrowded and unsanitary while circumventing the disease outbreaks that these poor conditions ordinarily would produce. Therefore, curbing the use of antibiotics may prove to be an incentive to raise animals using more humane and sustainable methods.

This is not only an animal welfare issue, however: it is also an issue of human health. Scientists agree that the overuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture is contributing to the increase in antibiotic-resistant human diseases. These illnesses are especially costly and difficult to treat. What You Can DoVisit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online to email your U.S. senators and representative urging them to support and cosponsor the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act. You may use the same link to read about this legislation in greater depth. "

Have a great week Anne


myra said...

Hi Anne hope you have been doing great sorry I have not been in touch lately. I think this is why my oldest daughter can not eat beef or pork even sometimes chicken, it will send her straight to the bathroom to put it nicely, when we went to Morocco she had no trouble with the meats she loved being able to eat real meat again, real hamburgers LOL.

By the way have you thought about using ehow for some of your recipes and things, I think you would do good there too.

SquirrelQueen said...

This sounds like an excellent bill that would not only benefit the animals but us as well. I hope it passes and I will do what I can.
Thanks for the info Anne.


AL said...

Hello Annie,

That's a nice way to treat animal I hope the bill will pursue.

Yes Oreo and Coffee gets jealous when they see other pets in my folder. They look at me and they look at each other.


Kris said...

I actually saw a news piece on this...there was a farmer who was feeding his animals nothing but grass (rather than corn) and doing things the natural way instead of w/ all the antibiotics...but he said it was hard to survive w/ all the bigger farmers doing the exact opposite and encouraged people to visit their local farms. I completely agree that eating all this junk fed meat isn't good for us at all...and can cause nothing but problems! Great tip Anne! (And yes, I REMEMBERED LOL)

Dory and the Mama said...

Thanks for the great information Anne!!

Lisa said...

That's interesting. Thanks for sharing!

I like the Thanksgiving background on your page, too!