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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

A Good Traveler Has No Fixed Plans And Is Not Intent On Arriving. -Lao Tzu
Thanks to Squirrel for posting her sky watch so that I could learn from her. If you want more information http://skyley.blogspot.com/


Princess Sarah said...

wow, it's so cool! I like the blue color too...

here's mine:


Daisy said...

I like this scenery too! ;-)

Btw, thanks for being the first to comment on one of my posts. For that I'd like to invite you again over at my blog. And if you like, you can follow me and I will follow you too ;-)

SquirrelQueen said...

Dance of joy! This blog is finally showing up on my dashboard!!!

I love the photo, very beautiful. I'm glad you joined SkyWatch, my first week too and it's fun.

I really like the new design, the colors are soft and the flowers are beautiful.


Ayie said...

clear skies! I only like it when the sun is not shining too strong or else it has toasting heat. you've been changing your layouts, it's cute!

Island Rambles Blog said...

the sky is lovely and pastel against the dark foreground....happy skywatching and have a good weekend...cheers.

Stacie said...

Lucky for you for clear skies...It's cloudy and gloomy here.