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Friday, June 19, 2009

A Word to the Wise

This one almost makes me laugh. If you follow my blogs, you know that I began in an effort to make some income off of Adsense while I was blogging. Well about 3 weeks into my journey, Adsense dropped me and gave me no reason and kept the income I had earned. I was sad, but I moved on and discovered the love of blogging. What initially brought me to Adsense was a program that my husband found for me. My Internet Payday by Joel Comm. I started the program because after all it only cost $1.00, yes just 1 thin dollar to do it so what could I lose?
Ok here is where it starts to hurt. I did follow the program, but honestly it didn't pertain to me for the most part, so I learned what I needed to learn just from fellow bloggers and from another group I belong to called Hubpages. I forgot all about My Internet Payday and moved on, until last night when I went to check a suspicious withdrawal on our bank account. Guess what I didn't read the teeny tiny fine print that said: If you don't cancel the program within 7 days, you will be charged $78.64 each month until you do cancel. The only way to cancel is to call them. I am doing that, but I doubt I will ever get my money back. So here is the irony, not only did I not make any money with Adsense but now I lost almost eighty bucks because I was so naive. I feel so stupid and sad and angry all at the same time. So please my friends learn from my mistake. Nothing is ever as it seems. I know that what Joel Comm does is probably legal, but I don't think it is ethical. I think that he assumes that many people are not going to bother to read the fine print and only see the part that says you will have a paycheck in 48 hours. Ok I am done, thanks for reading and beware of get rich quick schemes.


MzzLily said...

Yes, we all live and learn... It almost seems that there are more evil doers in hyberspace than good guys!

MzzLily said...

Oh, BTW... Remember how I told you this blog's postings never show up on my dashboard? Well, for some reason, this morning ALL of them showed up at the top of the list.

myra said...

Hi Anne I did the same thing last year and almost gave up. That is why now I make sure if they ask for to much info I turn away and that goes for bank or credit card info turn and run fast as you can.

chicamom85 said...

I know Myra and MzzLily, and thank you for stopping. I feel so stupid, I am usually so careful, but this one seemed ok. When I saw that they had the Better Business Bureau I thought it must be ok. Well I only hope that someone can learn from my mistake and not get caught.

AL said...

Good news Anne, your blog is now updating in my dashboard!

SquirrelQueen said...

I guess once again it just proves that if it sounds too good to be true . . . maybe you can get the money back.

Looks like you are back on everyone's dashboard, very good news.

Hope the day is going well,

Ayie said...

So many things out there tricking people, i hate those. Good to know you're loving blogging now and not just for adsense.

Lynn said...

I am so sorry that this happened. FWIW, I ordered a supplement that was advertised as a free month trial; two weeks in I got a charge for $78 and some change. So, unfortunately, they are out there in every way possible to relieve of your money.

Thanks for the info. Your sharing makes us be on the alert for these scams.