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Thursday, May 7, 2009


I love watermelon and the season is near, I have begun to get whole seedless watermelon from the grocery store. It is so good, sweet, crunchy sometimes messy and yet its good for you in the right amounts. What more can you ask of a food? It does contain sugar so be careful but it is rich in potassium, vitamins A and C. It is the perfect finish to a summer meal and easy to prepare! This is a picture of a cake I made to look like a watermelon, now it isn't quite as good for you but I had fun with it and it was delicious.

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- bxn said...

Mmmm, Watermelon. I live in FL and this is the perfect snack on one of those disgustingly hot days we can have down here.

T. said...

This is too ironic, we just bought our first watermelon of the summer to eat as dessert yesterday! I have a great picture too ( my son with his face planted in a piece lol) but not sure how I could post it on here (the paste won't let me do it)...
And ty for becoming a follower of my blog http://mypersonalcafe.blogspot.com/ I shall certainly return the favor, this blog looks quite tasty!

myra said...

give to the kids and but them out back yard in bathing suits then hose them down great fun on very hot day.